Services We Provide
JNB Appraisal Services provides an array of services in Real Estate.  While JNB does not
participate in lending money or brokering real estate transactions, we are active with several
professionals in the real estate financing and sales market in and around the Birmingham MSA
and can put you in touch with the right people.  JNB Appraisal focuses efforts on real estate
valuation and consulting services.
We provide the following appraisal services:

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Evaluation and Consultation.
Feasibility Studies
Easements & Right-of Way Valuation
Eminent Domain
Estate Evaluation
Tax Protesting
Land Valuation (not including timber cruises)
Conservation Easements
Property Tax Protesting

Many County Assessor's offices value real estate from 90% to 110% of real market value.  Since
most county appraisers mass appraise, mistakes are made and sometimes properties are
over valued.  It is your right as a property owner, to protest your assessed amount.  We will
evaluate your current assessment and advise the best way to reduce your tax base.

Our Promise

JNB Appraisals will appraise real estate to the best of its ability, with honesty and integrity. An
appraisal is an opinion of value, however, information is not always readily available or
verifiable.  We will work diligently to collect and verify the most pertinent information to arrive at a
more conclusive opinion given the facts and data available as of the date of valuation.
Why Protest your
Property Assessment?

Every American is aware
that the states across
America have become
more self reliant.  As
revenues grew,
government spending
increased, especially
among city services.
Counties have had to rely
on property taxes and ever
increasing assessments
to account for the lack of
funding.  As a result,
assessments are
performed annually
instead of every 3 years.  
By the time the County
Assessors finish
assessing all the
properties in their County,
the new year begins and it
is time to re-assess
properties once more.  If
you feel your property has
been over assessed, It is
your right to protest the
assessed value to lower
your taxes.  There are no
guarantees the assessed
value will be lowered.  
Most property owners are
aware of neighborhood
property values and
developments which may
affect the assessed value.
JNB Appraisal Services
Pricing policy-    At JNB we try to be as fair as possible with our pricing.  I try to find out the best price for the best service.  
Some of the influences of pricing are difficulty of the assignment and time required to complete, distance to travel, and supply
and demand of services.  Every appraisal is different, so while some may feel they need an appraisal, a consultation could
suffice as a substitute, some are easy, some are very difficult and complex.  It really depends on the need of the appraisal or
consultation.  My hourly rate for any legal work is $250/hr.

Payment policy- Payment is due and payable in full upon submission of the appraisal.  Late fees of 10% per month are added
to the outstanding balance if the balance is not paid within 30 days or otherwise negotiated prior to accepting the assignment.  
Late fees will begin to accrue after 30 days or as of the prearranged payment agreement.  Non-payment may result in
collection matters.  Any additional expense incurred as a result of non-payment will be added to the outstanding invoice, no
To be fair, I hand out a business card to each client, I do this because sometimes there are questions or concerns as to why
or how I came up with my opinion to value.  I think it's good business etiquette to be able to explain where and how I came
about my opinion of value.  I realize I am not perfect, I make mistakes from time to time, just like everyone else.  If there are any
errors in the report, I will me happy to answer any concerns and or if necessary, make corrections if deemed needed.  
I do not dictate the market, an opinion is what it is and sometimes appraisals are not favorable because lack of available data
or a changes in the market, it happens.  I cannot and will not make data up, jeopardize my license and livelihood or take any
undue risks.