About JNB Appraisal Services
Joe Batrich has been appraising real estate since 1993.  Joe is a graduate of the University of
Alabama, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in General Business Management with an
emphasis in Statistical Analysis.  After graduating from the University of Alabama, Joe returned
to his native home in Indianapolis where he was employed by United States Gypsum, a
company known for being a quality building materials supplier.

Joe gained additional experience working for USG by working with Architects, Engineers, and
several Building Contractors.  In addition be being a successful salesman, Joe acted as a
consultant, promoting several lines U.S. Gypsum offers in the construction industry.  While at
USG, Joe learned the basics of construction and design principles, as well as, product
specifications on USG and competitive building products.  Joe was a very successful territory
manager, increasing USG's sales volume and market share significantly, however missed
college friends and Alabama Football.

After working with USG, Joe returned to the south to escape the misery of the cold winter
months in Indianapolis, to a much more desirable and temperate climate, landing in
Birmingham, AL.  Joe began appraising real estate in May of 1993 working with an MAI
appraiser, Roger Pugh, with 40 years of experience and a Certified General Appraiser, David
Floyd, with over 30 years of experience.  Joe is a Certified General Real Property Appraiser (AL
# G00616) with over 25 years of experience and while no longer sharing the same offices, still
maintains a good working relationship with those two as well as other commercial and
residential appraisers throughout the state of Alabama.  If there is something I cannot appraise
or can save a client money by referring services to another appraiser, I will help find one for you.

The advantage of working with knowledgeable appraisers is invaluable to an experienced or
unexperienced appraiser because of the ability to share information and ideas with one
another, an education which can never be obtained through the classroom.  Almost every
appraisal is unique in its own way and working with two very experienced and seasoned
appraisers give the valuation process a more concrete valuation with greater accuracy.

Over the years, I have had the experience of appraising a wide variety of types of properties,
from lizard farms, silos, large buildings, ranches, farms, big box retail, historical residences,
earthen residences, lake and beach property, hunting preserves, malls, restaurants, nursing
homes, warehouses, hotels, churches, apartments, schools, car dealerships, land leases,
easements and right of ways, conservation easements, an exposure to just about every kind of
property.  All of these properties were properly researched, a scope of work to arrive at an
opinion, and information on how to address these varied properties. Appraising certainly gets
interesting and challenging and I embrace each challenge.

Currently, JNB Appraisal Services employs one appraiser, Brian Golson, a soldier who
returned from battle in Iraq.  Brian is a graduate of UAB and was an Information Systems
Technician in the US Navy, Brian is now serving as a policeman with the Hoover Police
Department.  JNB Appraisal Services works with several lenders, attorneys, county offices, as
well as investors seeking solid and credible information regarding real estate.  
Services provided
Conservation Easements
Tax protesting
Real estate consulting
Condemnation cases
Expert testimony
Complex assignments
Historical valuations
Estate appraisals
Mixed use developments
Retail strip centers
Storage facilities
Hunting preserves
Rental properties
Investment properties
Complex residential
Eminent Domain

Appraisal of all
categories of real estate,
basically, there is
nothing we are incapable
of appraising
About JNB Appraisal Services