Commercial & Residential Appraisals
What we do

JNB Appraisal Services is based in Birmingham, AL, and appraises property mainly servicing
Alabama.  JNB appraises a variety of property (see services), however asked sometime
to a
ppraise within specific guidelines which we cannot always meet.  In the case where we
cannot get to an appraisal within a specified time frame or cannot meet the needs of a client,
and since we have a good working relationship with appraisers from other areas, we will help
you find a qualified appraiser in that area.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services        

We offer a variety of appraisal services.  Some of our clients include, mortgage brokers, banks,
attorneys, tax accountants, religious institutions (churches), city employees, Highway
department, State employees, etc.,
and most recently with AMC's, mainly, we work with
individuals.  Much of our business comes from repeat clients or references, which says a lot
about our quality of work.

BE ADVISED that the days of calling an appraiser and taking the appraisal to a lender are over.  
The lender MUST engage the services of an appraiser and usually does so through a third party
vendor referred to as an AMC (Appraisal Management Company).  
Why use JNB Appraisal Services

There are several appraisers in the Birmingham area to chose from.  Appraisers are getting a
bad reputation from a variety of sources who feel appraisers are an unnecessary evil who
appraise a property for a specified value regardless of the true market value.  At JNB Appraisal
Services, we pride ourselves for not being "sellouts" and accommodating whomever for a fee.  
We are in this business for the long haul, and do not want to jeopardize our reputation or
principals for a mere fee.  We always strive for excellence and provide a fair opinion of value.  All
of us here at JNB Appraisals are well educated, informed, ethical people, who pride ourselves
on doing an honest job for a reasonable fee.  Clients use our services for valuation purposes,
portfolio management, protesting property taxes, refinancing, equity lines, estate settlement,
property disputes, conservation easements, or consulting.  
The majority of our work comes
from referrals and or previous clients, but
we also appraise for lending institutions and the
AMC's they use


Daily, we are faced with
new assignments.  
Appraisals are different in
many ways and rarely do
we find two identical
properties.  Our services
are not limited to
appraising residential
properties.  We are well
educated and keep up
with the ever changing
JNB Appraisal Services
Commercial & Residential Appraisals